Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ANG-ELF~ and a BIG announcement!!

Our sweet Emily was in a Christmas Musical at her school. They presented the play at the High School Auditorium.

She played two parts in the musical and was proud of and took seriously each role. She proudly called herself an "ANG-ELF" for an Angel and an Elf.

She was an elf and had a speaking part at the beginning.

And then she was an angel and had a singing part.

We were so proud of her! Afterwards she was awarded with lots of love and flowers from her fans(family).

~The BIG announcement~

Emily got glasses! We got a letter from the school nurse explaining during her routine eye exam she couldnt see some letters and advised us to go see an eye doctor. We finally got in last week and today her new glasses came in! She is so proud and already talking about how she can see things better. She even said at dinner "Oh, I forgot I was wearing glasses!"


kathy Strickland said...

What a cute Angelf!

Emily looks really good in her glasses. I think she looks so sweet and very smart! She makes wearing glasses so COOL!

Angela said...

She's beautiful! And, I love her glasses! They are a lot like mine. We have good taste, Emily!

The Gardner's said...

Oh my gosh-she is so cute. Both in her glasses and in her play. She looks so grown up in those glasses-they are perfect for her.

bri said...

Wow she's getting so big and she is looking more and more like a big girl rather than a child. Oh where is time going?

She looks awesome in her new glasses. Wonderful style Em! Glad her play went well.. what a wonderful Angelf she looks to have been! Way to be there "fam" club! haha

Uncle Matt said...

Wish i was there to see it! Maybe someone got some video. I love the glasses! They are so stylish! Love you guys.

Becca said...

we were so glad to get to see emily and thought she did a great job, AND she is so cute in her glasses!

Becca said...

oh how funny that we got bunnies at the same had bunnies, as in more than one? We (I) have been wanting one for along time too, I had one when I was younger and loved it! Sorry your allergic, that's sad! YES, I am so glad that Sampson is litter box trainer already, I am not a fan of potty training!

Tricia said...

I LOVE the glasses! Wow! Can't wait to see them in person next Saturday. I wore glasses when I was that age...but I did NOT look cute AT ALL.